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Privacy Policy
  • In collection of personal information, use, and offer, it limits for the reply, receptionist, etc. to the contents of an inquiry.
  • While performing acquisition proper about a visitor's personal information and performing appropriately the notice for the purpose of [ for acquisition ] use, etc., reservation of the accuracy about the personal information which could be known, and use within the shown use purpose are put into practice.
  • When managing personal information, while placing a management representative and performing suitable management, it strives for the escape prevention to the exterior. A third party is not provided with information, without obtaining the consent of the person himself/herself.
  • The statute and notification about private information proctection, and other regulations are observed, and a continuous improvement is tackled so that personal information may be dealt with properly.
  • Moreover, it is coped with appropriately and quickly to the complaint about handling of personal information.